Trichandra College BSc. Notes Nepal

BSc Notes Nepal is a platform created for the learners, tutors, and everyone who want to learn something new every day. You can get all the notes including the handwritten notes, videos, presentations, slides, pdf, ebooks etc. based on the syllabus of courses.

Our Goal

Education methodology of Nepal is a traditional way of learning. The need and necessities of change in education for young generations is the foremost which can be solved in creative and digital way. Many students mostly research and use classes and notes during their exam only. So our aim is to provide them the materials through these medium during whole period which helps them to study through whole year and also it provides easy way for the students who cannot afford to take classes.

Our main aim is to improve the education system of Nepal and help students to study through digital medium and learn something new.

Scope and Career Prospects

The good performer in undergraduate level in science has wide range of scope and job opportunities. The BSc. program is very tough and challenging and it needs a lot of dedication, hard work, passion and creativity. The undergraduates in the BSc. can choose to continue their further study in the developed countries. The science graduates are highly demanded and rewarded in the foreign countries. Not only in the developed countries, the graduates are in demand in the home country as well. Graduates can work as teachers and trainers in the schools and tuition centers. They can also work in different positions in the research field. There are different governmental and non-governmental organizations, corporate houses and industries working in the field of science, where graduates can work and earn very good salary. Apart from this, there are other different fields where students can choose to make their career.