Here you can get all the BSc Mathematics(Calculus, analytical geometry and vector analysis) first year study materials, Notes, pdfs from New courses of TU.


  1. Review of Elementary Calculus
  2. Tangents and Normals
  3. Higher Order Derivatives and Mean Value Theorems
  4. Application of Derivative
  5. . Partial Differentiations and Maxima and Minima of Functions of 2 and 3 Variable
  6. Differential Equations of the First Order but not the First Degree
  7. Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficient
  8. Applications of the First Order and the First Degree Differential Equations
  9. Integration and Definite Integrals
  10. Beta and Gamma Functions and Reduction formulae
  11. Double Integrals
  12. Differential Equations of the First Order and the First Degree


1. Transformation of Coordinates 2. Conic Sections and their properties

3. Polar Equation of a Conic 4. General Equation of the Second Degree

5. Coordinates in three space and Plane 6. . Straight lines

7. Sphere 8. . Cone and Cylinder

9. . Central Conicoids 10. Product of three or more vectors

11. Differentiation of Vectors 12. . Gradient, divergence and Curl, and Expression Formulae

Mathematics 1 year Notes from Nitesh Rajbanshi
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